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Time to replace your roofing?  Central Jersey roofing & Siding  understands the tremendous abuse New Jersey roofing can receive from the weather. Do you see broken, cracking, curling, buckling or loose roofing?  Do you have water stains on your ceilings?  If so, it may be time to consider re-roofing your home. Deciding it’s time for new roofing is the first step in the process. It doesn’t matter if this is your first re-roofing project or your third, we understand you may have a lot of unanswered questions.            

        EDUCATING THE   HOMEOWNER                                                                                                                                                                             A 30yr roof will last 30 yrs,but still requires some maintence.the pipe flashings are the number one cause of leaks.the rubber seals dry rot after 8 - 12 yrs.we can repair these before they dry rot.they are easy to repair/replace. skylights are the  #2 cause of leaks they can be repaired,but replacement is the recommended way for a trouble free skylight.VELUX SKLYLIGHTS ARE THE ONLY SKYLIGHTS WE RECOMMEND.chimneys are #3 for leaks . they need to be reflashed on every roof job,with new aluminum ,  A new groove is cut into all chimneys.we use NPC 900 SOLAR SEAL for a water tight seal.WALL FLASHINGS are #4  for leaks,all walls need to be REFLASHED on every REROOF,otherwise your original flashing is the only  line of defense.On tearoffs we can reuse the wall flashing as long as its in good shape.all attic fans should be replaced,they are only good for 10 yrs.gas stack flanges are made of galvinized steel which leave rust stains ,a new one will keep that stain away INCORRECT INSTALLATION is a MAJOR problem,nails in seams,valleys and walls are common  among amateurs.Experience IS THE KEY we have been installing roofing for over 25 yrs.once we leave your roof it will be leak free   GUARANTEED   BACKED BY OUR 10 YR WARRANTY.CALL US FOR ALL YOUR ROOFING NEEDS,WE TREAT YOUR HOME LIKE IT WERE OUR OWN.       SERVING ALL OF MONMOUTH ,OCEAN,BURLINGTON,MERCER,MIDDLESEX,                                                                                                       

Our Company's philosophy is the same regardless if it involves roofing, siding or trim wrap. Quality is a top priority and compromise is not a option.  That’s why we have many standard features that other roofing contractors call optional. Take for instance our installation of snow and ice shield on all EAVES,VALLEYS,SKYLIGHTS,CHIMNEYS,FANS,DORMERS A standard feature on every job.  Top side inspection of all sheathing. Installation of new 30# felt underlayment included.   New, no caulk collars, or lead flanges for a water tight seal on all plumbing vent pipes. .   New aluminum base and prefinished aluminum counterflashing for that lasting seal around all brick chimneys, a standard feature.  Roofing nail application of all shingles , no stapled shingles, for the strength that roofing nails provide. Cleaning of all gutters keeps you safely on the ground.  . Magnetically sweeping of the ground for that added measure of safety is a standard feature on our jobs.  We make it one of our top priorities to leave every job as clean as possible after our highly skilled work force completes the exterior remodeling around your home.  You may not know a lot about roofing or selecting New Jersey roofing contractors but you’ve found the only thing you really need to know when installing your new roofing and that’s Central Jersey roofing & siding contractors.  For a free no obligation roofing assessment feel free to contact us by e mail, fax, or phone.  Join the growing number of homeowners who choose Central Jersey Roofing & Siding  for beautiful new roofing!   Roofing New Jersey  homes one house at a time.                ROBERT K LAYNE  MASTER ROOFER N SIDER

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